Who will ensure the security of our next generations

Scary !!!! Not just the shooter with his pistol, not just the policemen standing as mute spectators, but the policeman actually making a video of the whole episode ( means he knows he has the time and opportunity to do so even during such an emergency, probably because there are orders not to respond) !!!!!!! This insensitivity is scary !! What have we come to??? This is not about anti or pro CAA,this is not about supporting or opposing a govt....this is not about a shootout or protest.... this is much more !!!!! The police already has a lot at stake , as far as its image is concerned. In most developed countries, citizens feel secure even at the sight of a single unarmed policeman, whereas in ours???? Well, trouble begins at the sight of one.

In the recent past there have been many incidences of police apathy, probably at the behest of the ruling govt, be it fake encounters, illegal confinements of innocents, violence against students of JNU, Jamia and many more. Sometimes the police deliberately reaches late , at others they are ‘ told’ not to respond to such acts. Most bodies and authorities have become mere tools to push the agenda of the govt. rather than serve the citizens.

 All those who are supporting such acts probably do not know what they are inviting for their future generations. Today it is Hindu vs Muslims, even if there are only hindus left, then it will be upper vs lower castes( no offence meant to anyone, but I think this fact is well understood), then it will be north vs south, state vs state, city vs city. Finally it will be a chaotic situation where only the mighty and powerful will have their way because we have given the law into their hands. Today you like it because you support the rulers blindly, you think you are part of a majority so you will never be at the receiving end.What if your child happens to be studying or working at a place where he is a minority, then???? The lawlessness endorsed blatantly now, may trigger road rages, stalking, ego clashes, verbal or physical violence against your dear ones.... then???? If today’s acts are justified, does it not give an alibi to others, maybe our own kids, to justify anti social acts in future???
Who will be responsible? Who will ensure the security of our next generations? Or are we just going to hold back their talent and keep them confined to our place? Because social security will not exist. I think it is a shame that such acts are being justified and glorified.... a mockery of democracy .

  राहत इंदौरी साहब के एक शेर की दो लाइने आने वाले वक्त की हक़ीक़त बखूबी बयाँ करती हैं......

    “ लगेगी आग तो आयेंगे कई और घर ज़द में
       यहाँ पर सिर्फ हमारा मकान थोड़ी है......!!


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